Service Factor

The service factor when applied to the nominal power becomes an indicator indicating the load to be triggered under voltage, nominal frequency and limit when increasing the winding temperature.

The use of this service factor results in a shorter electrical motor life and should not be confused with the overload capability of the motor. The value is usually up to 60% of the nominal load, in the time of 15 seconds.

The motors at the time of the torque require a high current of the power supply, around 6 to 10 times the value of the nominal current. This value will vary, depending on the constructive characteristics of the motor, and is not related to the load applied. more about rab wpled26n

The load will influence the time the drive current will circulate in the engine and in the mains, ie engine acceleration time. This current will be described on the nameplate as Ip / In – rated current / rated current.

The operating voltage is supplied with the reclosable terminals on most motors so they can operate at least with two types of voltages.

Industrial Electric Motor

Industrial electric motor has simple electric control, great finishing and easy to be transported

The energy that powers the electric motor is transformed into motion and so the electric motor can be applied for various purposes. In the industry, the electric motor has an essential role for the progress of every productive process to happen effectively, as it is the electric motor that drives the machine and the equipment.

The industrial electric motor combines in itself all the benefits that the industry needs to make its processes have more quality, because the industrial electric motor spends less energy and thus will decrease the final cost of the products produced.

Coxreels PC13-5012-A

Choosing the industrial electric motor is a great option because the electric motor drive is marked by simplicity, but it is not only why the electric motor is so applied in the industry.

The industrial electric motor has a great finish and is easy to carry, and this makes the electric motor easier to install.

What is an electric motor? How important is it?

The electric motor is a device that is responsible for performing the conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy. Therefore, the electric motor is present in a range of equipment that are used on a daily basis.

The electric motor is an efficient machine and that with the combination of forces of interaction of magnetic fields that interact in the induction of a central axis in which it will move, however this will cause it to have strength and speed.

The electric motor skf nj 2315 parts are mounted on a metal housing. Almost every electric motor of direct current, the electric motor has the same parts and what only changes is the size of the parts and the size of the electric motor.

The most important parts that integrate the electric motor are: the field coil that is next to the inside of the casing and this coil has the possibility of being an electromagnet or even a magnet.